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<p>Green Sukabumi stone, categorized as Quartzite, is non-foliated metamorphic hard rock which was originally sand stone. It is named Sukabumi Stone because it is originated from Sukabumi area, West Java, Indonesia.</p>

<p>The Stone that is also well known as Perde (Verde) Hijau in the stone market, has a distinct greenish hue, unique, exotic, distinctive, good lighting and green color composition is stronger than the available average sandstones and applicable both for interior and exterior.</p>

<p>There are many advantages of the stone application, besides it is very strong and sturdy, the stone is corrosion resistance, not slippery to users, it has very low absorption and high abrasion resistance.</p>

<p>There are two types of Green Sukabumi Stone, RTM and RTS Green Stone. RTM has a smooth finishing and it can be called Verde Lisa whereas the RTS means Rough Face finishing and also called Verde Bruta. Each type of stone has each unique and exotic application.</p>

Green Sukabumi Stone

<p>Andesite is an extrusive igneous and volcanic rock with aphanitic to porphyritic texture and it is not just made out of one stone but it is a mixture of gray rocks, white and light grays, hornblendes, black augites, feldspar and biotite.
Due to mixture of several minerals, Andesite color composition is never the same, hence each product surface will always be unique, elegance and give off an impression of sophistication. The stone has 3 basic color variations; it can be grey, red and black andesite. 


<p>Palimo or Palimanan Stone is a volcanic stone formed by magma which is cooled on the earth’s surface. It has relatively high density and clean surface with lower moisture absorption and better abrasion resistance.</p>

<p>This stone which named Palimo or Palimanan due to its origin from Palimanan area in Cirebon, West Java Indonesia, has two basic color, Golden Palimo and White Palimo Golden has a light yellow ginger appearance whereas White Palimo has creamy white appearance.</p>

<p>There are two types of Palimo Stone, RTM and RTS Palimo Stone. RTM has smooth finishing whereas the RTS means Rough finishing. Each type of the stone has each unique and exotic application both interior and exterior.</p>

Palimo stone

<p>Pacito Rosso, a yellow reddish stone, is basically marble that is processed by flaming in order to get different texture and look more roughly. This process can be conducted by honing the marble to clean from saw cutting.
There are two kind of Pacito Rosso and this distinction is based on the product color, if the marble is yellow reddish, it is named Pacito Rosso and it he color is Maroon, it is called Java Rosso.

Pacito Rosso

Lava stone is natural basalt stone that comes from volcanoes magma eruption after thousand years of geological action process. Lava has a different based color, it can be black, red and grey lava with porosity through stones and natural texture.  Lava is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Lava Stone

<p>White stone Paras Jogja, better known as Paras Jogja, is a type of sedimentary rock or sedimentary rock which is the result of the sedimentation layer of soil and chemicals floated by water. Jogja white sandstone are found in the limestone subsoil as in the region of Yogyakarta. 
Paras Jogja stone has two colors; white and Beige (Cream). The white color stone has the uniqueness as for its snow white color, so it is very interested by many people.

Paras Jogja Stone

<p>Monster stone is a type of igneous rock that is formed through the cooling and solidification of volcanic magma or lava. Monster stone that has the hardness the same with andesite stone is generated from lava that has been buried in the beneath the surface of earth’s crust in long time.</p>

<p>Monster has a very classic shape with small holes on the stone surface. In general, small holes dimension in the stone is about 5-10 mm and sometimes they penetrate up to the surface behind him.  </p>

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monster stone

<p>We have many kind of Indonesia unique and exotic pebble stone with variety of dimension and color. We have Grey Labuan Pebble, White Kupang, Black Pebble, Orange Balian, Grey Bengkulu, Green Pebble, Red Pebble and multi color Pebble Stone.   </p>

Pebble Stone