Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi stone, categorized as Quartzite, is non-foliated metamorphic hard rock which was originally sand stone. It is named Sukabumi Stone because it is originated from Sukabumi area, West Java, Indonesia. The Stone that is also well known as Perde (Verde) Hijau in the stone market, has a distinct greenish hue, unique, exotic, distinctive, good lighting and green color composition is stronger than the available average sandstones and applicable both for interior and exterior.
There are many advantages of the stone application, besides it is very strong and sturdy, the stone is corrosion resistance, not slippery to users, it has very low absorption and high abrasion resistance.
There are three types of Green Sukabumi Stone finishing; Sawn cut (RTM), Honed, and Rough Face (RTS) Green Stone. Sawn cut (RTM) has a smooth finishing and it can be called Verde Lisa whereas the Rough Face (RTS) finishing also called Verde Bruta. Each type of stone has each unique and exotic application.


RTM or Smooth Finishing
Rough or Split Face
Green Sukabumi Mosaic